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MANTIS ULV Industrial Applicators

Efficient rotary atomizers and metering systems for the economical application of form release for the concrete industry

ULV technology

"ULV" stands for Ultra Low Volume, meaning particularly small output quantities.The ULV metering technology, in conjunction with Mantis rotary atomizers, achieves an ideal narrow droplet spectrum of 35-45 um, ensuring optimum surface wetting.

With the BL industrial atomizer from Mantis, it is possible to generate approx. 30 million droplets from 1 ml of liquid (900 million droplets from one ounce). The rotary atomizer works without pressure, and the spray pattern is created by means of centrifugal force and using a specially developed atomizer disc. The droplets are deposited evenly on the surface of the mold by means of the vertical air stream generated by the rotation disc and gravity.

Due to these technical advancements, and the precision metering control, you can greatly reduce the amount of release agent needed to coat your forms. You can reduce eliminate dripping and streaking due to the large droplets that come out of a pressurized system.

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